Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers

Of course, you can redirect any number of telephone connections (HC, sales department, marketing), all connections, or occasionally only some.

Call forwarding settings are set in the switchboard, directly on the phone or with the service operator. We can set several different types of redirects (when busy, after a certain time, unconditionally). You can change the redirects daily directly on the phone.

The number of received calls for the day, hour, month or in terms of timing, the time of the agent’s conversation with the caller, total conversation time for an individual phone number (specifics), total conversation time for an individual legal entity, and about 150 other statistical reports.

There are no barriers to implementing support for a specific time frame! Our clients are also companies that only hire us for marketing activities (jumbo posters, commercials, TV shows, prize games…).

Due to the expected specificity of each client, the client provides subject elements with which acquaint the call center Ortus Call operators to work. Most of all, we need: basic information about the company, names and surnames of persons involved in the CC, the area the person covers, email address(es) for messaging, mobile phone numbers (if messaging will be via SMS messages), working hours… All email addresses and mobile phone numbers are intended only for forwarding messages and not for forwarding to a third party!

The message can be forwarded depending on which phone number is displayed on the "POP UP" mask, asking about the purpose of the call or the name or surname of the person the caller wants to talk to. Due to the specificity of each company, even more, each department, the mediation agreement is a matter of individual agreement.

An inbound call is automatically routed to the first available operator in the ACD group.

In the given case, the most suitable solution is the connection of databases (inspection of stock of goods, entry of data on possible delivery dates, etc.).

As soon as the operator ends the call, he starts writing a message. You will therefore receive it with a delay of approx. 30 seconds – the writing of the message and the time of transmission (e-mail, sms).

All agents speak Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Italian, English, German, Hungarian, Macedonian and Albanian.

The cost of labor in the gross amount represents a non-negligible cost for the employer. Optimal utilization of the workforce is imperative. Call center support can help workers only in cases where they manage to answer the phone call themselves, despite being at the workplace (they are in a meeting, talking on another phone line, having lunch…).

In such cases, redirection to CC is set after a certain time and CC accepts only those calls
that you failed to answer.

It can be 5, 10 or more calls/day.

So why would a few calls a day require additional work force? By connecting to CC, you only pay for the actual work done with 24-hour support provided.

There are no costs for work not done (waiting for phone calls), sick leave, holiday pay, snacks, transport.

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